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One Must Fall 2097 [2a03] - Finished (scant changes, 2 tracks)

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:05 am
by blastvortex
Was mostly done with these for some time, kept going back and screwing with them. Good thing for fixing stupid mistakes, but was getting sick of project despite wanting to better some parts. A bit different from original material at times, but mostly true to originals, some parts also quiet to mimic original material (. Ftr, tracks 1, 2, and 7 are about twice the length of the others. Some lameness from difficulty of not wanting to stray too far from source material. Other lameness simply because... hey, it's me. =p

Also, wanted to retain original OST order. Changing it never felt right anyway.

01-Main Menu.ftm
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02-The Stadium.ftm
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03-Danger Room.ftm
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04-Power Plant.ftm
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05-Fire Pit.ftm
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06-Desert Storm.ftm
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Re: One Must Fall 2097 [2a03] - Finished (scant changes, 2 tracks)

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 7:19 am
by blastvortex
God, I hate doing this, but I did make changes to tracks 6 and 7 some time ago. Always felt like I could do more, never happened, called it good or passable or whatever for as long as I could get on to something else. But now I'm done with that too and finally spent a week finishing an accompanying vid. No, I'm not bumping, though posting like this still leaves a nasty churn in my gut. Didn't know what better way to make it obvious there really was any update, even if it turns out it doesn't really matter. Hell, I almost put it in my next topic instead, but that just felt weird and pathetic.

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Mostly some note releases, IIRC. Can't remember/see anything else.
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Changed a note, or two, or three (literally, but I don't think even 3). Fixed volume on some of the "substitute triangle" (Pulse 1).

NOTE: Honestly, vid's probably not worth the time, esp if you already know the game. It's 30 min long anyway. But if you really want it: