X-Men the Animated Series - Ron Wasserman [2A03 + VRC6, 0.4.6]

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X-Men the Animated Series - Ron Wasserman [2A03 + VRC6, 0.4.6]

Postby dougjoe2e » Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:14 pm

Originally composed by Ron Wasserman, this is from the X-Men cartoon that aired in the early/mid nineties. I started it off as a straight 2A03, but then eventually decided to cheat and add the VRC6. I was originally going to use DPCM for the Bell, but couldn't get a sample at a quality that I was happy with. I also left the percussion as just the snare... the original has a tom/kettle drum, and there's some cymbal action that I didn't add... maybe later at some point. I had attempted to score the song back in the late nineties, so I already had a mostly accurate place to start from (not that it's a terribly complicated tune to pick out by ear) so it didn't take very long.

I find it very amusing that the tempo is 121 beats per minute. Not sure if that's really what it is, but it lines up darn near exact with a YouTube video I was referencing for comparison, whereas it didn't when set to 120.

XMen V2.ftm
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