Cannon Fodder [2a03]

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Cannon Fodder [2a03]

Postby blastvortex » Tue Dec 25, 2018 7:21 am

From the Amiga/PC/Genesis/SNES game, but based mostly on the Amiga version.
Mission Briefing contains some elements of the Genesis version.
Note that War (Has Never Been So Much Fun) had lyric samples that were often played at random places (you'll be able to tell).
Also, Narcissus (the boothill theme) has a third section from the original Amiga version--inspired by Jon Hare's original 1984 love song--that isn't in any other version (though there's a poor derivative in the PC version).
Order may be different from what you remember, but the songs are actually used in this order (in some manner) in the game, so I thought it was good.

1. War 2. Mission Briefing 3. Phase Clear! 4. Mission Complete 5. Try Again? 6. Narcissus (Boothill) 7. Game Over

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[edit] Finally got a video up, shorter than some of my others, but still clocking in around 20 minutes. It's... tolerable, perhaps, if you go for that sort of thing: