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FCP4 entries: Ave Maria, Terminator (Happy), Pipe Dream: HQR (2A03)

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:19 pm
by PinoBatch
"Terminator Theme (Happy)" (2A03; 4:36)

"You can't write happy music in 13/8."
"Hold my beer."

Brad Fiedel's theme song for the 1984 film The Terminator is in 13/8. He arrived at the "herky-jerky" "propulsiveness" of that time signature by accident while composing by ear into a loop machine, not knowing how to read and write sheet music. It decomposes into 7/8 and 3/4.

But once it turns into "Happy" by Pharrell, you realize this T-800 has been reprogrammed to boogie.

"Pipe Dream: HQR" (2A03; 3:55, 2:40)

"Bait and Switch? More like Bait and NES."

I began by covering two pieces from BPS's 1990 NES port of Pipe Mania, titled Pipe Dream, with more detailed sound design made possible by not needing to squeeze into a CNROM alongside a game. Then I tossed in other thematically matching material to make it more interesting than a simple loop:

- SimCity (Super NES, Nintendo/EA)
- Canon in D (3 violin+1 cello, Pachelbel)
- Yoshi's Cookie (NES and Super NES, BPS/Nintendo)
- Home Alone (NES, THQ/Idthesda)
- Ice Climber (NES, Nintendo)
- River City Ransom (NES, Technos)
- NeSnake 2 (NES, Matrixz)

"Ave Maria" (2A03; 2:38, 4:52)

"And I don't need no stinkin' Schwenke measure."

Each movement begins with an arrangement of a musical piece that has been given "Ave Maria", a Catholic prayer, as lyrics. All covered pieces are in the public domain due to age. Expect surprise connections.

#1 Bach-Gounod

- "Meditation on Prelude No. 1" (1853) by J. S. Bach (d. 1750) and Charles Gounod (d. 1893)
- "Generic Kart" (2019) by Damian Yerrick (b. 1980) (CC BY-SA 4.0)

#2 Schubert

- "Ellen's Third Song (Ave Maria)" (1825) by Franz Schubert (d. 1828) from Opus 52
- "The House of the Rising Sun" (traditional, recorded early 20th century)
- "Stars and Stripes Forever" (1897) by John Philip Sousa (d. 1932)

Re: FCP4 entries: Ave Maria, Terminator (Happy), Pipe Dream: HQR (2A03)

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:44 am
by PinoBatch
Now begins the slow process of running each part past the Discord server for more detailed feedback. I'll try to take notes so I know what to fix.

Teuthida said the lead was too loud on the Terminator theme.