[FDS] - Pokémon Red/Blue Versions OST (W.I.P.)

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[FDS] - Pokémon Red/Blue Versions OST (W.I.P.)

Postby MysticalElegy » Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:42 pm

I've been in a Pokémon-themed mood lately, and I thought I'd attempt an NES-styled cover of the entirety of the OST of Pokémon Red & Blue.


1. Opening Movie (N/A)
2. Title Screen (N/A)
3. Welcome to the World of Pokémon! (N/A)
4. Pallet Town (Completed)
5. Professor Oak (N/A)
6. Come Along (Completed)
7. Professor Oak's Research Lab (N/A)
8. Pokémon Obtained (N/A)
9. Rival Trainer Appears (N/A)
10. Battle! Trainer (Completed)
11. Level Up (N/A)
12. Victory Against Trainer (N/A)
13. Route #1 (N/A)
14. Battle! Wild Pokémon (Completed)
15. Victory Against Wild Pokémon (N/A)
16. Item Acquired (N/A)
17. Viridian City (N/A)
18. Pokémon Center (N/A)
19. Pokémon Healed (N/A)
20. Pokémon Caught (N/A)
21. Trade Pokémon Acquired (N/A)
22. Viridian Forest (Completed)
23. A Trainer Approaches! (Male) (N/A)
24. Prof. Oak's Evaluation (N/A)
25. Pokémon Evolution (Completed)
26. Pokémon Gym (N/A)
27. Battle! Gym Leader (Completed)
28. Victory Against Gym Leader (N/A)
29. Route #3 (N/A)
30. A Trainer Approaches! (Female) (N/A)
31. Mt. Moon (N/A)
32. A Trainer Approaches! (Evil Team) (N/A)
33. Cerulean City (N/A)
34. Vermilion City (Completed)
35. S.S. Anne (N/A)
36. Cycling (N/A)
37. Route #11 (N/A)
38. Lavender Town (N/A)
39. Celadon City (N/A)
40. Rocket Game Corner (N/A)
41. Team Rocket Hideout (N/A)
42. Silph Co. (N/A)
43. Pokémon Tower (N/A)
44. Poké Flute (N/A)
45. Surfing (N/A)
46. Cinnabar Island (N/A)
47. Pokémon Mansion (N/A)
48. Victory Road/Indigo Plateau (N/A)
49. Last Battle! Champion Rival (Completed)
50. Hall of Fame (Completed)
51. End Credits (N/A)
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