Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!! 2a03

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Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!! 2a03

Postby SOYa » Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:18 pm

Hey look, a new forum to post stuff in! :D

Threw these together today just to see if it would work. The module contains all three Objection themes from the original Ace Attorney trilogy, remade in glorious 2a03 sound. It actually worked out better than I had expected it to. 8-)

Anyway, except for a certain triangle sequence (hehe), constructive feedback and comments are appreciated! I hope you'll like the covers. ;)
Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!!.ftm
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Re: Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!! 2a03

Postby Potentialing » Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:40 pm

@Objection 2001: Great job with the melody/bass/drums! I love the fade in/out effects on Pulse 2, as well as the vibrato.

The rhythm also seemed to translate nicely in this rendition, although I do feel the harmonies were rather lacking. There are a couple of things I think you can do here:

- Use arpeggios on your harmony channel very fast to retain the chords (although I am personally not a fan of this style)
- Use 8th/16th note arpeggios in a clever manner, Mega Man/Castlevania style (In this case, it could potentially butcher the rhythm though)
- Resort to expansion chips for the extra voicing (But then it won't be 2A03 anymore)
- EDIT: Oh actually just realized, you could also use DPCM for your chording and replace pulse 2 to play the bassline. It could be pretty time consuming to accomplish, but it might also end up being the best choice here!

I added an edited FTM to demonstrate those options. I've also modified a couple of minor things in the other tracks. In general, I would also suggest to double-check the lengths of your notes: The articulation sounds different from how it does in the original tracks at points!

One final note, the rhythm on some of the chords in Objection 2004 sounded slightly off. Chiptunes can be very precise with rhythm, so if you're trying to do something more stylistic, try using G01, and also try to get back on the rhythm every now and then.
Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!!_edit.ftm
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