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Jeff Ball - Rebirth (from Tiny Barbarian DX) [N163]

Posted: Tue May 12, 2015 6:59 am
by Lord Nightmare
This cover I worked on from about Feb 2015 to Apr 2015 of Jeff Ball's track "Rebirth" from the Tiny Barbarian DX soundtrack.
The original track can be downloaded from
I believe the original song was laid out in Renoise or a similar 'vst-tracker', though Jeff Ball does use Famitracker for some things. (Or if the original song was in Famitracker, it must have been split into separate channels and reprocessed extensively in post for stereo effects and compression)

Self criticism:
The squares may need a 1-tick fade added (and a 1-tick attack?)
The drums could definitely use some further work.
The N163 'strings' are based on RushJet1's VRC6 strings from the Tadpole Tap soundtrack song 'Anxiety Flood', with permission, but something got lost in translation when converting them to N163. They don't sound quite as good as RushJet1's original VRC6 instrument does.
The ending loop part I technically have the wrong instrument being used for one of the notes in the chord; the original song used two Squarewaves, I'm using Square1 plus Bass (tri-and-N163-channel-5) with DMC offset hackery to fade the triangle volume.