NES game "Wrecking Balls" soundtrack (2A03)

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NES game "Wrecking Balls" soundtrack (2A03)

Postby WheelInventor » Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:51 pm

UPDATE: Now includes music for both versus battle and player log in screen:
(10.46 KiB) Downloaded 87 times

To set the tone; here's the title:

There's some applied restrictions:
No effects whatsoever are used; and filesize must be minimal in order to fit in the total 16kBs of the NROM format; together with the rest of the game. That means short patterns, and extensive reuse of the same. I expect a vs. battle to be over in a minute or one and a half, so the length of the full loop feels allright.
Pitch changes in instruments are a technical slight maybe, so it's used sparingly in case it doesn't get implemented in the driver. Main melody is in sq1 sq2, so if any tonal SFX cuts the music, it'll be in supporting channel sq1.

There's a conversion phase. Editing the song after the conversion to the game's native engine will be more of a pickle, so i'd appreciate any input, reassuring words, or troubling concerns you have.

To get things started: Compared to often rudimentary sound of many NROM games, it holds up well (and should, since this is post-market development). But what about the musical properties?


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Re: NES game "Wrecking Balls" soundtrack (2A03)

Postby WheelInventor » Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:10 pm

Updated the OP with a new version containing one more song. Any thoughts, comments?
(I know it's kind of hard to leave constructive tips when the songs are meant for a custom NES driver with different restrictions than the open-ended FamiTracker one).

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Re: NES game "Wrecking Balls" soundtrack (2A03)

Postby FloppyDisk » Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:15 pm

Despite the restrictions, the song itself is quite good. I think that since the complexity of the song has to be a bit less to fit within the restrictions, it allows you to focus more on the melody of the song. I'm definitely getting a kinda rock/metal feel from the first song. I also like the second song, it has a good foreboding atmosphere mixed with a little bit of a military march.

This game also looks pretty interesting, can you give us any details?
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Re: NES game "Wrecking Balls" soundtrack (2A03)

Postby WheelInventor » Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:48 pm

Thanks! Sure can. :)

It's a four player versus game based on good old bomberman. It has an "angry" theme, hence the metal/rock influence. You play as one of four angry fuzzy balls looking to wreck the others. Hence the name.
It's part of the soon-annual NESdev competition; hence the 16kB NROM limitation. It looks like we're only reaching late alpha stage before the competition deadline, but it is principially playable. There'll be some respite post-deadline to finish the game up for cartridge inclusion, and there's always the possibility of an independent cartridge release and/or ROM download.

The progress thread can be found here. The latest alpha ROM is at the bottom. It requires at least two players to play.

Credits to Rahsennor for all the coding. I'm behind the graphical and musical assets. Design choices through discussion between the two of us.