Fire Emblem Gaiden. Battle 1 (Player) VRC6 remix

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Pi Guerrero25
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Fire Emblem Gaiden. Battle 1 (Player) VRC6 remix

Postby Pi Guerrero25 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:37 pm

Hello everyone, It's Juan pi, and today I'll show ya another cover, from the game "Fire Emblem Gaiden" for the Famicom.
If you don't know about this game, well is the second FE game in Japan, an soon will be remastered to 3ds with the name of "Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia"
The original song is named "Battle 1 (Player)" (I guess) It was compose by Yuka Tsujiyoko. I hope you like it :)
Also it's avalible on Youtube:
feg battle.ftm
(15.23 KiB) Downloaded 159 times
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Sky Yoshi
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Re: Fire Emblem Gaiden. Battle 1 (Player) VRC6 remix

Postby Sky Yoshi » Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:13 pm

Quite great! Ii kinda like what you did with the DPCM.
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Re: Fire Emblem Gaiden. Battle 1 (Player) VRC6 remix

Postby TheJuanCarlos64 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:33 pm

Good Work with that!
Sorry for the Old Username :/

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Re: Fire Emblem Gaiden. Battle 1 (Player) VRC6 remix

Postby retrodpc » Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:23 am

Why do people find Genealogy of the Holy War good? I’ve played the first chapter, and honestly I see no positives to it. The graphics are horrendous; I know graphics don’t “matter” or whatever, but I mean come on. I can hardly tell which class I which from this mess of pixels. The music is worse than the GBA soundfont, and loops so quickly I had to mute my computer to prevent myself from going insane. Each character so far gets, like, one line of dialogue, and since there is no support conversations, I have no idea what these characters even are. The gameplay is just the absolute worst. It takes forever to reach from place to place, even in the goddamn prologue. The enemy variety is literally just axes and bows, and the map design is atrocious. People say Awakening’s design was bad, but this...this is just special levels of bad. It’s literally just plains with some trees or cliffs sprinkled throughout. 90% of my time was moving my units closer to the objective, and I had to prevent my lord from fucking stealing exp since he is already so good (what the hell, since when do lords start out good)? And I don’t know if this is my fault or if it’s unlocked later, but my units can’t even trade with one another. I can’t bring myself to believe this is an actual gameplay feature; who the fuck would leave trading out? Not only is the lord also the exp stealing pre-promote, all the other units are trash as well. Noice can’t even do a third of damage to this brigands (who have like 40 hp at level one, wtf?), while Alex does jack shit for damage since all he had is an iron sword and low strength and he’s really bad. Arden I actually know from Heroes, but here he’s just garbage. Not only is his portrait a fucking mess, but he can’t do shit. It takes forever to move him to the next enemy, and even when he gets there, it’s impossible for him to one-round them. The others aren’t much better either; Arvis is as squishy as a mage can get, Lex can never double for some reason (he does have Paragon for some weird fucking reason, though), Finn almost always faces triangle disadvantage, Quan is a prepromote, and Ethlyn is decent, but due to the absurdly high HP for all units in this game, her healing isn’t good. I mean, i can’t name a single positive in this mess of a game. While you can argue that Conquest has a mediocre story, it is objective fact that it has the best gameplay, the best characters, the best maps, the best gameplay, and the best music in the series. Genealogy has NONE of that. People just like Sigurd since he’s broken and liking exp stealing Jagens is the “cool” thing now just because you guys watched one Mecca video or whatever. Whatever. I bet I can’t get through the thick skulls of old fire emblem fans, so my words are just waves crashing against a beach. But if some of you more enlightened fellows could give me literally any reason to continue playing this heap of rubbish, than it will be gladly accepted (I probably won’t, though).
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