Composing your own Theme of Eastern Story

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Composing your own Theme of Eastern Story

Postby Drillimation » Sat Jun 24, 2017 4:51 pm

NOTE: This topic is intended to be ideas for songs and is not a song cover.

Have you been making a Touhou Project fan game, but want to make your own pieces of music? No problem! I can get you started on the first piece of your game's soundtrack.
  1. The Basics: The main theme for Touhou Project is called Theme of Eastern Story. It has appeared on the title screen of almost every Touhou game. The main melody is a simple six-note melody that repeats over and over.
  2. Main Notes: The notes for the main melody always goes like this (in G-major):
    1. e
    2. a
    3. b
    4. d
    5. b
    6. a
  3. Other things to add: Consider adding a basic melody, but try to keep it Japanese. Drum patterns are also necessary and usually start halfway throughout the song. Bass melodies are also consistent too.

Hope this guide helps you and happy composing!
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