Converting FamiTracker music to Capcom format [help]

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kuja killer
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Converting FamiTracker music to Capcom format [help]

Postby kuja killer » Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:54 am

Hello, i came here for a little advice and help about converting a song(s) that was made in FamiTracker, to the "capcom music engine" format used in Megaman 3-6 and several other capcom related NES titles. This post might be a little long because i have a few questions. :( - first im using this guide, i have already familiarized myself with most of the information in this document. I've been working with a Megaman 3 hack for years, and i know how to do all the hex editing and ..finding songs and everything like that from years of experience. However i am a completely newbie, new person to fami tracker.

I have a song from someone so far, and im working on converting the Square 1 channel by hand, as im halfway through it. But i ran into a couple famitracker things, that are apparently NOT supported or possible on in the megaman capcom format such as:

Gxx, Qxx (i think, im not 100% sure on that), and "arpeggios" so far. I dont know what else just yet. - This is the first thing i dont understand at all. I have seen MANY types of fami tracker songs do exactly this very thing, constantly switching between 2 volumes the MIDDLE of a single note. I dont get what that is.

I set the intial "starting" volume to 0A for the Square 1 channel in my megaman 3 version so far, and tried to create a instrument using this "decay/sustain" volume thing. It doesnt quite mimic what fami tracker does here. But i can not just flat out change the volume every single note manually like that, "note - volume change, note, volume change" will eat up tons of ROM space very fast. :(

Speaking of instruments, i dont understand what that instrument window means really in respect to volume, and exactly what hex numbers i use in the megaman format. cause they go between 00-1F ...instead of 00-0F. :-\ (an instruement is 8 bytes, and mostly volume settings)

I have a couple more links to share if i may. I've already typed too much. :| - this has better descriptions on what the music commands do, and the instruement settings. - this is a spreadsheet image of what most of those music commands translate to from fami tracker, like Pxx is command 0C, Vxx is command 18, etc. - and finally this is the song im working on converting in megaman 3-6 format. Im halfway finished with the Square 1 currently at the momment.

Im hoping to get insight from Hertzdevil about do's and dont's or like ..what fami tracker commands works, and which kinds "does not" work. I think he's the only one here who might of worked with the capcom format before.

I'm still trying to figure out how to mimic the Qxx fami tracker effect properly. I dont really get how that works yet, but is it very similiar to "portamento" ??

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Re: Converting FamiTracker music to Capcom format [help]

Postby kuja killer » Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:20 am

I was able to mostly finish this song today minus a few things here and there that are not possible to do, as this was my first time trying out working with music stuff, and converting a song made originally in Fami Tracker, to the megaman 3-6 music format.

I really learned alot throughout this all, and took as many notes as I could on stuff i could do, and not do. It's by no means perfect or anything, main thing is all the volume related stuff is the hardest thing to deal with (since it has to been done through the instrument settings) So i had no choice but to sacrafice a some bits of volume quality because of it.

I was hoping to hear what 1 or 2 people might think. :)
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Re: Converting FamiTracker music to Capcom format [help]

Postby treemoo » Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:18 am

kuja killer wrote:
I was hoping to hear more about Testo-Max and what 1 or 2 people might think. :)

I think it's very cool. Good job.