[VRC7] [FDS] display level of "Modulator Level" factor and more...

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[VRC7] [FDS] display level of "Modulator Level" factor and more...

Postby GOZAHAND » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:54 am

Modulator Level factor has big number (64? 128?)
But it is too hard recognize current value of Modulator Level.
So I say "Display current value of Modulator Level & can edit by input number."
I will happy this method will apply in other FM synth Factor (in ADSR envelop...)

in inst. Editor of FDS.
can modify waveform by MML String-Like method. (like in N163)

this request if not accord with FamiTracker...
Can Re-Write VRC7 presets.
VRC7 is customize OPLL too.
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