Lychnus, Scorched Knight [VRC6]

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Lychnus, Scorched Knight [VRC6]

Postby The Caller » Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:47 pm

So, this song is part of a concept soundtrack I'm creating called "Quagmire", which will include 10 boss themes and one HUB theme.

Basically, I will create a piece of lore behind each song and the boss it belongs to. This concept OST will be heavily based on the Dark Souls universe lore-wise. The style of composing will most likely be the same I use in my other tracks (my style of composing, that is), but with a few twists and turns to make them sound a little more unique. Lychnus is not the first boss on the OST, but I thought I'd make his theme first since his piece of lore is one of the more interesting ones of the bunch. The theme itself is empty, but with traces of former power. So here it is:

"Soul fragment of Lychnus, renowned knight of the kingdom of Tyre."

"In life, Lychnus was one of the three Royal Knights of Tyre, and leader of the Sunflare Vanguard. His deeds were legendary, and his power unmatched. He led his Sunflare Vanguard to greatness, and mastered the Lost Pyromancies of Valk. Whether by sword of by fire, he would always drive back any force which opposed his kingdom and his brotherhood."

"When the forces of Quagmire started to devour the kingdom, Lychnus set out to destroy the unrelenting enemy, along with his Sunflare Vanguard. But despite his efforts, his soldiers where eventually consumed by the mud, and Lychnus had to face the Aspect of Quagmire by himself. Knowing he couldn't fully destroy the scourge, Lychnus used a forbidden pyromancy to weaken the Quagmire, so that a future hero would come and finish what he started. In his efforts to cast the pyromancy, Lychnus scorched his own armor and body, and sacrificed his soul, becoming an empty shell."

So there's that. I hope you enjoy.
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