Rendering Triangle and Noise channels having DPCM Bias

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Rendering Triangle and Noise channels having DPCM Bias

Postby Gumball2415 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:07 am

Now, I don't know if this has been discovered already or not, but I found a way to render the triangle and noise channels to have DPCM bias
this could come in handy in mixing with DPCM

it works by phase cancelling the DPCM
for that, you have to render the triangle/noise with the DPCM
then render DPCM, align (make sure it's sample perfect), and phase invert

the result is a somewhat softer track, due to DPCM bias
It has hints of the DPCM, but I think it's because of the triangle/noise slightly altering the DPCM itself
and if you put it all back together, it is exactly the same as rendering with DPCM

I've only tested this technique on FamiTracker and NSFPlay, but i think any emulator/hardware/whatever that can exactly
recreate a scenario or an event in the memory/RAM/CPU/brain of the NES can do this

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