ErmV - Club Paula Vol.1 (VRC7)

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ErmV - Club Paula Vol.1 (VRC7)

Postby ErmDJVit » Tue Dec 25, 2018 7:07 pm

This is supposed to imitate a vinyl EP with two songs on each side. This is (or is going to be) a list of garage tunes under the club Paula series that I'm currently making. The reason why it's named after a character from Earthbound is because these tunes are inspired from the game (mostly from the enemy encounters) but with a 90s electronic music twist. You can find me on discord with the 'Soulox' alias. I'm in a lot of servers and I made the account with that name in mind before the one that I'm currently using.

Most of the upcoming songs will utilize a real Roland TR-909 and each sample is put into either Audacity or Ableton Live 10 to combine tracks into one sample. I know the quality gets degraded and there's only 1 DPCM channel but this is just experimental work. I'm also currently making other tracks on the Amiga and Milkytraker for more convenience. Right now currently, I'm working on jungle tracks on the Amiga 500. This will be apart of the jungle preservation debut dedicated to labels like Myor Massive, Deep Jungle, Western Lore, UKJ, etc. Hopefully, I'll start to stray away from Famitracker entirely and focus more on non-chip stuff.

Hope you like.
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