Wandering Mage Complete OST

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Wandering Mage Complete OST

Postby MagicSpider » Fri May 29, 2020 5:49 am

May 29, 2020
Hello there. I'm back with an OST for a modest, low effort 2D game currently on development. It has taken more time than I want to admit but it's worth the effort, I had quite some fun writing these musics. For the moment I am working on the coding and will update the thread once the game reaches a playable state.

April 23, 2021
I am back with the final version of the Wandering Mage OST, I hope you'll enjoy it and please let me know what you think about it, I am always open to comments and criticism.
It's been almost three years since I wrote the first music for this OST (Track #14, in late 2018) and finishing it today has squeezed all the energy out of my body; now I need some well deserved hours of league of legends. I still chuckle a bit when I remember a time where I thought I could finish the OST within two months.

Not gonna lie, programming the game is even more painful than writing the musics... Hopefully I'll be done before the forums go down.
FINAL Wandering Mage OST.ftm
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Wandering Mage OST.ftm
Outdated 2018 version
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Re: Wandering Mage

Postby MechaGrapefruit » Sat May 30, 2020 12:58 am

Gave this all a listen. I like it - it reminds me of one of my projects from a few years ago.
Took some notes as I listened to the tracks - these are some initial impressions. Goal here is to be constructive, so take or leave whatever does/doesn't work for you, and I want to reiterate that these are coming from someone who definitely enjoys the direction here.

-You rely on your 01-Lead instrument to naturally cut off in a handful of places where the volume envelope doesn't quite have time to bring the note's volume down enough, so there's some note blending in places where a bit more articulation seems like it was the goal based on the notation in the module. I'd suggest either editing the instrument or more manually adjusting volumes to cut off when the Lead instrument's volume envelope won't cut it.
-Volume mixing - this might just be me, but whichever channel is carrying the melody tends to skew just a bit too loud for me relative to the rest of the channels particularly at the higher octaves. I'm guilty of this often - remember that as a *general* rule, higher pitches may not need the same volume for your ears to pick them up as lower pitches.
-Play with some lower octaves in the Pulse channels. There's a lot of contrast it'll offer, and a lot of tracks here gravitate in the higher ranges to the point where they blend a bit.
-Sometimes, whichever channel is carrying the melody ends up a little discordant with the accompaniment where vibrato or setting up a chord might be more interesting.
-Some more V02 might be nice to play with.
-I noticed based on the instrument 00 that this has a lot of the same samples I use - is the lack of DCPM here a stylistic choice? If so, respect, but I do think it could help some of the percussion, which at times just lacks some oomph to it.

-The instrument 12 vibrato feels a little heavy in a couple places in the Title Screen.
-You might play with transposing the menu a bit, as that vibrato on A- in the first frame is giving the crackles that that note always deals with, for whatever reason - I knew the reason at one point but have since forgotten. Some single-channel echoes might be nice to play with for channel one throughout, as Pulse 2, Triangle, and Noise are doing good work keeping this driven, but the lead feels a little empty.
-Boss 1: I like the intro. Feels a little empty in the bassline and percussion, and frames 08-09 are really discordant, which can be played with, but the v. high volume makes this section a little tough on the ears. Granted, that could work for the project, as you know more about the context of when this would play than I do, but in terms of casual listenability, it might be worth playing with and revising.
-Boss 2: Some frames here are the same default P80 value, so both pulses are hitting the same note at the same time - worth an edit on Pulse 1.
-Unborn Undergrounds: Conflicted - I'm not sure if I prefer this or the version on your Soundcloud. Some of the frames here that differ from that version personally sound me a little overly chaotic/directionless. Which again, can be fine, but they sound like they don't go with the prior direction of the track, the DNA of which is still very much here.
-Moist Palace: Might recommend finding a synonym for "moist" in the title, given the connotations. Really into the intro here. I'd recommend changing a lot of your triangle high-toms in the body of the piece to mid-toms.
I Will Get the Moon for You: Coolest name. There are so many cool ideas in here, but it's a little jumpy, and there are some frames where the melody is a bit too loud/discordant. I especially love what happens from frame 10 to the end. Pulse 2 from frames 0C-0F is plain in a way that makes it sound a little off-pitch and rough.
Paraiba Glimpse: Really nice track - the lower volumes on higher registers pays off here a lot. That said, there are definitely notes in Pulse 2 that can fade out earlier. Like mentioned above, the Lead instrument sometimes blending notes together, including at one of the frame transitions. The A volume that many early sections have is also drowning out some accompaniment.
Boss 3: This gets some blood pumping! F volume is just too high for Pulse 2 in frames 07-0A. Percussion volume is a bit weak.
Heart Garden: Best one here. Really like the last frame. Percussion is just missing some oomph in places.
Pierced Heart: This is the primary track where the percussion isn't keeping up the intensity and momentum that your Pulse and Triangle channels are building.

Again, all just initial thoughts, and if anything doesn't make sense/is wrong, let me know!
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Re: Wandering Mage

Postby MagicSpider » Sun May 31, 2020 7:22 am

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, I couldn't ask for more. The secondary goal of the project was to receive advices on things that I have to tweak on my musics in general, so your input will greatly serve me.
At first I had no issue with the 01-Lead but as time passed I began to cut corners with it and it has become a sort of burden; I will remove the instrument and work on the volume by hand.
In general I often feel guilty for having most of my musics last 30-45 seconds, so this time I really forced several of my tracks to be longer than planned, like Unborn Undergrounds. I have no backup of the original version but I'll be able to right what went wrong
I read your advices, I will revise the tracks and I'll look for changing Burning Fools, this track wasn't designed to be a boss theme at first, so it'll be subject to changes.

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Postby MagicSpider » Fri Apr 23, 2021 8:57 pm

Ay I'm back with a finished OST. It has taken quite some time, not gonna lie
I updated all the tracks (besides Unmerciful) and separated them into five ACTs. Now we have a total of 26 tracks